Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

After a day at work, with lots of patients seen in the office, we tooled out to Glendale to meet with Elst and Carol for dinner at a place called Gaucho's Village, a Brazilian BBQ. Being that lately we've been in more of a health mode, I was a bit taken aback at having dinner at an all-you-can-eat-style place, but although I had a lot of food, I really didn't overindulge; I wasn't so full that I could barely walk, and I didn't eat so much that I felt the need to ease back a notch on my belt. So, today, I don't feel quite so gorged as I might have felt in the past, after a meal at such a place. I will say that the food was very nicely done.

I did notice one thing yesterday, and that was that I was walking better. I have had some gait difficulties, due to problems I have since birth with bilateral tibial torsions, and an old, but quite severe left ankle tear, but since working out regularly with the Wii Fit, and having it press me to work on my balance, I suddenly realized that I was walking with a more confident stride, and that my silhouette was improving. Already. Now that's a good feeling!

I've been asked, by one of the hospitals that I work out of, to chair a committee on osteopathic principles and practice; they are trying to get American Osteopathic Association approval so that they can host residents at the facility from some of the local programs in their training. Talk about the blind leading the blind! Still, we had our first committee meeting, yesterday lunchtime, and although I was the only D.O. present, those who were there were supportive, and we generated what seemed like a very good plan of action to get the ball rolling. Whew!

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