Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley


My sister and her family were just a little outside one of the evacuation areas from the Sylmar fire. An elderly couple of our acquaintance live close to the Corona fire, but it headed in the opposite direction from their home, thank God. When that fire headed into Anaheim Hills, it approached, and possibly torched, a home that used to belong to a former colleague of mine. The Brea fire crested Chino Hills; for all I know the former home of people we used to hang out with may have been involved. Plenty of folks with whom I work around here live up there. There are hints that some or all of these fires might be arson based, and made much worse by the Santa Ana winds, which have gusted to 75 MPH in places, at times. The smoke is visible from all over the Inland Empire.

I made another pound of my pecans, in advance for Thanksgiving, since I'll be on call for the holiday, and won't have the time, otherwise. They aren't quite sweet enough, but I have some idea of what I can do to improve them a bit, so I'll try to make another batch tomorrow, once I get home from work.

And after hospital rounds today, there's Dungeonmaster tonight, with it being a Guardian of the Flame episode, where several audience favorite characters will try to beat a killer adventure. I hope I'll see lots of you there!

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