Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I finished, yesterday, Mark Stein's book How the States Got Their Shape, which gives some interesting background into the odd shapes that most of the US states have. It covers a lot of history, and does a good job of explaining most of it. Nicely done.

Last night was Dungeonmaster, a Guardian of the Flame episode, and one that reminded me of the old days in Chicago, with noone gaining the prize. There was a solid crowd, something that more shows this season deserved, as the adventures were rather well-scripted and acted by the cast. It was cool to see so many friendly faces pre- and post-show.

It did look, initially, like we might not make it, as it took us a half hour to go what normally would take us ten minutes, but once we got past I-605, it all cleared out. Apparently, with the 57 Freeway closed into Orange County, the folks who'd missed the fires by being at the Colorado River, or in Vegas, were using the 605 as their route home.

In another couple of hours, I can turn over the mantle of call to my associate; then, for me, it's office hours and nursing homes, and then to crash...
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