Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

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Last night was services, at a small apartment; we overflowed the place. forestcats and I then did our Wii Fit workout; I've been doing it consistently for two weeks at this point. Cool...

I finished reading Fables #78, and I see that they're building up a whole new direction for the series. I think it will be as good or better as the last sequence, so that should be fairly pleasurable. We'll see.

After we concluded our exercises, while forestcats dozed, I finished the disc from Netflix of ST:DS9 from season 2, and I realized that they were doing a much better job of characterization than I'd expected of them. I actually enjoyed the episodes rather much, including the one which showed Kira & Odo's first meeting. Not bad at all.

Today and tomorrow, aside from runs to the grocery store to stock up important ingredients, I expect us to be home both days, cleaning, tidying, etc., and cooking the dishes that can be prepared in advance for Thanksgiving. Best holiday of the year!

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