Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

What a day, yesterday!

After rounding at the hospitals, including several newly admitted patients, and a consult, I got home to find the house already blessed with several guests. Immediately on arriving, I put out the spiced pecans that I'd been making over the last week, and I'm pleased to say that the dish was gratifyingly empty by evening's end. I helped with setting the tables, digging the appropriate dishes from their storage sites, and schmoozed with folks as they arrived. Buddy brought his dog, who promptly tried to mark the kitchen; Kisses was chastised, and tossed into the backyard right away. Soon, we were at the table, and the buffet-style service started. Turkey, bison, oyster pie (thanks, axelicious!), two types of salad, cheese plate, double-baked potatoes, two types of stuffing, curried fruit (that I'd prepared; forestcats cooked it at the end for me), froghugger's cranberry sauce and mashed sweet potato with a pecan crust (both delicious), six different pies, bottles of wine and port (of which I didn't partake, being on call), and on and on and on. I'm sure that I'm forgetting some dishes that don't deserve being forgotten...

Following that, we fired up the Wii, and I showed folks the Wii Fit gear. After Ashley made herself a Mii, nearly everyone got involved, trying the various available balance games; people especially enjoyed the tightrope walk. In the end, we had to stop when timmy_ritz kept jumping and jumping, just standing there. I thought it might be due to the batteries deteriorating, so I replace them in the Balance Board, and then retested after everyone left, and it was working properly. Whew!

Before evening's end, I put on the animated Star Wars film from last summer: Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I was underwhelmed. I'm very glad that we didn't drop $20 to see it in the theater. It's not much better than the TV series, on the Cartoon Network.

Then, before bed, I cleared up the leftovers. Many things will be made into soups and stocks, very possibly this afternoon/evening. Some will be eaten. A few things (pies, for example, that hadn't been touched) will be frozen. Since forestcats had defrosted a swarm of musk ox steaks, we're going to have to eat them, today, most likely. (Maybe we can bring some to the party at the Axelsen's?)

And back to work for me; I'm already at my fifth stop; one more after this.
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