Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

A friend at the Ontario Public Library managed to get a copy of Lawrence Watt-Evans literary criticism book, The Turtle Moves!: Discworld's Story Unauthorized, which I found to be a nice review of the over thirty books that have been released in Pratchett's series of novels set there. I liked his analysis, as well. Good piece of work, if you've any interest in Terry Pratchett's novels at all. Finished that, last night.

I also tried reading Mordecai Richler's novel, Solomon Gursky Was Here, but couldn't get into it. Back to the library, with you.

Wii workout, yesterday, put me at age 45; I think that I've been over my real age only once in the last two weeks. That's heartening. I'll do more of this probably when I get home tonight.

After a meal of Z Pizza (yum!), we watched the last episode of season three of Foyle's War from Netflix, and once again enjoyed it very much. I still find that I like their characterizations best, and I foresaw the endpoint of one of the subplots from my knowledge of WWII history. Nice.
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