Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

A busy day, of sorts, yesterday, but only in a limited sense related to work.

We had a Medical Executive Committee meeting at one hospital...I'm still nearly dizzy by how fast I got pulled into being on that committee, and I'm not at all used to it. They served lunch, and I ate only a small amount. That finished up at quarter to two.

At 1:30, the office holiday party started, several miles away at a restaurant. I got to it late, obviously. 'Twere a meal. I ordered pasta, but only ate about a third of it. Then, off to a hospital for rounds.

Home early, since no patients were scheduled for the afternoon at the office.

In the evening, we had Elst and Carole over; we went out for some sushi into the winter storm, and I ate much less than I've been known to do in the past at a sushi bar. Home afterwards, we showed them the Wii, and played with it a bit. Nice.

Here's hoping I didn't gain any weight from all that eating...

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