Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Back from the cousins' Hanukkah party. Survived, which considering the next paragraph, was not easy. I enjoyed very much seeing the nieces and nephews, and the various cousins and whathaveyou didn't give me the typical guff that I generally expect. Probably because I was limping.

Earlier in the day, I managed to catch an escapee feline, but having done so, I twisted my right foot. No pain for some hours, but by the time we left for the party, it was throbbing and aching. Oy. Limping became the norm. Now I've taken some naproxen and the pain is manageable.


Kids really liked their gifts. Todd (nephew) told me that forestcats and I always give them great gifts; we do try to think it through first. Made the day for me, injury notwithstanding.

Before we left, I read Doktor Sleepless #10; looks like an interesting direction they're going in. We'll see what Warren Ellis has planned.

I'm listening right now to George Carlin's (probable) last album. Still seems to be ... curmudgeonly.

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