Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

After getting out of the house early to get my rounds done, we went to Redondo Beach to my cousin's place to have a smaller Hanukkah gathering. She's got a great place there, and one of the Minnesota cousins who now lives in San Diego came up and joined us for the party. Nice time, and I really got a chance to interact with my nieces and nephew from my side of the family (forestcats' brother's kids don't live out here, so we see them very rarely). The only downside was that the beeper just wouldn't shut up; heck, I got a page at 0540, today, even. And another at 0650...

Home and we ate London Broil; froghugger made a nice broccoli dish. Unfortunately, during cleanup, forestcats got a nasty cut on her thumb. It's been stabilized, but we had to run out and replace some of our first aid materials, as we just didn't have the right tools for this wound.

I'm not on call this week, and I can't wait to unwind tonight...
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