Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Yesterday afternoon was spent using up some gift cards that I'd received for the holidays (one for holidays two years past that I'd forgotten in my wallet!). I brought home some books, and some software for the Wii that we'll try out in the next few days.

Home, tested out Okami for the Wii, and then forestcats and I went out to see Marley & Me, which did a pretty good job of showing how not to raise a puppy, but also showed pretty well how important a pet can be in a relationship. Some scenes reminded me of Barbie and Naomi (dogs from earlier in our marriage), and those scenes were something of a catharsis for me. Nicely done picture; schmaltzy, but nicely done.

Home again, I pulled out a Netflix disc: season five number one of Foyle's War. This one was a bit better than any in season four, but it still doesn't hold a candle to season one. More of these to come; there's still two episodes left.

And this is New Years' Eve. Day off tomorrow; I expect that we're going visiting after watching the Rose Parade again, so that I can see the fellow from Fiesta Floats with his macaw, and be reminded that I've touched so many lives in SoCal with my work as a physician, even if only distantly. Not exactly pride, but pleasure in work done well...
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