Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

So I had just dropped off several books at the library, and suddenly, my car overheated. Turns out that the radiator dumped; repeated attempts to fill it failed, and we finally had to leave it in front of our mechanics' shop (who isn't open on Sunday or Monday), and I had to rent a vehicle. *Sigh*.

As to the library: I looked online to discover that several books are still listed as being in my possession, even though I'd turned them in. One, I dropped off on 12/31; the others yesterday morning, before they opened. Since it also listed that a book that I was awaiting had come in, I stopped there on the way home to look into this. Got the book; they checked and the first book wasn't around. Here it was, more than ten hours after I'd dropped off the books, and they still hadn't gone outside to look in the return bin. According to the librarian, the bin is supposed to be checked at 10AM, and at 1:30PM for any arrivals, but that nobody seems to acknowledge whose responsibility it is to check, and so, apparently, everyone assumes that someone else has done it. Now, that's quality work. That's government bureaucracy at play. Huzzah.

At least they brought in and scanned in the books I'd returned while I was watching. Oy.
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