Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

So, the last couple of days.

Saturday was a busy, work-type day, and once home, I jumped onto the Wii Fit to workout. Oddly enough, that was truncated as we rushed out to a surpise birthday party for a member of our Havurah; we missed the surprise by just a couple of minutes, but we weren't the only ones who did so, and it was still a nice party.

Then, I was up early this morning to get as much of the hospital work done early as possible, and then home. We then rushed to Northridge for my sister's 50 1/2 birthday party. She avoided a party at the time of her actual date, due to its proximity to the unveiling of my father's headstone on the grave, so she decided to do it later in the year. I gave her half a dozen eggs in half a container, half green, and half brown or pink, from our hens. forestcats gave her something much better, but you'd best go look at her blog for that. The party was held at an ostensibly Greek restaurant off the 118 at Tampa, right next to a Whole Foods, so we did a bit of shopping before heading home.

Following that was more hospital rounds, and then Wii Fit for another half hour and a bit more. Weight is still trending downwards; clothes and watch are fitting much more losely.

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