Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Today was getting things done day...

First it was going to Home Depot. Getting a new dryer, as the fifteen year old one had given up the ghost, and then finding out that the staff member from the store was a neighbor! Then off to Panera, where I'd never eaten, and ran into Rachel and Glen. Nice. Then to a new store of Le Creuset cooking gear that we use, and purchasing some useful items and chatting with the staff, and directing them to sources for food about which they were unaware. Then a blouse for spouse at J. Jill. Nice. She looks cute in it.

Home, and we cleaned out the laundry room in preparation for the arrival of the new dryer. Back out again to Smart & Final for some other items, and home again and I cleaned all the toilets. Had to be done.

Then we opened a bottle of Fume Blanc that was vinegar (a 2001 grape; we should have opened it long ago), and then a bottle of Chardonnay from 2006 that's very drinkable, and I'm drunk on it. Yum...

Pouring over the DVR...

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