Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Early in the day, while awaiting the booting up of the computer, I finished three comics. Two of them are Warren Ellis works, one not so much.

First was Doktor Sleepless: Salvage Messiah #12, one of the Ellis'; I'm happy with the direction it's taking, and I look forward to the next issue.

Second was The Infinite Horizon #4 of 6; it's been a long time waiting. Years? Anyway, it took a better turn than I'd expected.

Lastly was the second Ellis book. It's a new series called Ignition City #1. It's a very different world; seems to be post-WWII, but not 21st Century; there's star drive; there's been contact with alien races, and yet it seems dingy and dirty, and interesting. I'm very interested in seeing the next book in this series, indeed.

We've done a lot, today. Breezeway is cleared, and nearly clean. Cat cage is cleaned out. Backyard is perhaps sixty percent cleaned up. Some lighting rehung; some possessions shifted to the front yard for freecyclers to take. Turkey broth made. More dirt is in the back of the truck for transferring into one of the new planters so that more tomatoes can be planted. We're well on our way to having the yard ready for Carnivore's Feast.

I admit that it wasn't work all day; I lazed about half an hour for every forty-five minutes of work, but we did get a lot done, and I really didn't want to exhaust myself; the next three weeks are apt to be tough, so I'm pacing myself.

forestcats seemed happy with our progress, although it would have been nice to get more done. Still, it was a pleasure to work with her, with frequent hugs and kisses while doing things, today. Lovely.

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