Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Let's start with last night. We watched a documentary called The Marx Brothers: In a Nutshell, which was pretty good, considering I knew little of their background. I think I've only seen one of their films all the way through; I've heard Groucho's old radio shows, and I remember seeing them in animated pieces.

I followed that with another ST:DS9 episode where Quark is in love. Strange.

So, before running to the hospital, this morning, for a quick visit on one patient, we shifted several hundred pounds of dirt into a couple of the planters, and we finished repairing the chicken wire to hold in the outdoor cats (and the beagle, for that matter). All that done, we scurried off to AMDA (American Music Drama Academy) to watch their stage fighting test. Emma, one of the new Dungeonmaster cast members, and one of the last show's new party members were among the testees; David Woolley, one of the cast of the original Dungeonmaster from Chicago, and now a Fightmaster and an instructor at Columbia College in Chicago in stage combat officiated. After an interesting show of talents, I'm glad to say that Emma passed for her certificate in stage combat in Unarmed, and Armed with Rapier and Dagger. Bravo!

From there we wandered to offer the truck to axelicious and themodeinliz. sewyrn was there, as well, recovering from the previous night. Our friends needed to borrow the vehicle to pick up furniture that they were purchasing from sewyrn; we had them drop us at Universal Citywalk, while we waited for Woolley & Co. to finish scoring and critiquing the testees; then they met us at Saddle Ranch Steakhouse on the Citywalk. While we waited, we strolled Citywalk; it's been more than eighteen months since we last visited. First of all, we were disappointed that Cafe Tu Tu Tango is gone; I hope the chain hasn't failed. We like that place very much, and we've been to three of their places, one of which was the one on Citywalk. Sigh. There was a general decrease in the quality of shops on the Citywalk that was very apparent, and we were surprised that even Citywalk has at least four empty storefronts...

Finally, we met up with our new acquaintances and Mr. Woolley; brought to table, we settled down to drinking, eating and chatting, and had a very nice time. We're going to have to ship David a Dungeonmaster T-shirt. Anybody else out there want one? Let me know, and we'll let you know about sizes, descriptions, shipping and whatnot...

Afterwards, we were picked up by themodeinliz, brought back to their place, and then home.

Oh, and this morning, I weighed in via Wii Fit at the least I've been yet, about 185; I'm getting close to no longer being listed as "Overweight". forestcats aged in at the least she has yet; in her twenties! Woohoo!

Nice weekend. We'll slide into being on call, in a few hours.
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