Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

So. Yesterday.

Mom had arranged to have a brunch at her house for the "holiday", and had invited a couple of her friends, whose children had moved away from LA, as well as my siblings. My mother told me that she wanted me to help her serve mimosa, but she had no idea how to make it. Being that I'm such a whiz at alcohol, I told her to get orange juice, and put one of my father's bottles of champagne in the refrigerator for opening at the party. It occured to me that my mother didn't have any champagne flutes, so on Sunday morning, I was scurrying around, trying to find a place open that would have plastic flutes for sale. I tried the party store, but they wouldn't open until after we were supposed to already be on the road; then Target, who didn't have them; then Smart & Final, who did, thank goodness.

Off we went to the party, loaded with gifts for my niece, who had just had a birthday, and my mother, who had had all of her jewelry stolen not long ago. forestcats recommended that I pick out some jewelry for her, to fill the gaps left in her wardrobe. We got caught up in a traffic jam, en route, of course, since CalTrans had to do work on the I-405/Hwy 101 interchange on Mother's Day. So, we didn't quite manage to get there early as we'd hoped. Still, the flutes were appreciated for what they were supposed to be. Only a few were used, including by me and by forestcats.

The foodstuffs were dairy in nature, and rife with eggs, therefore I ate only a little, but the humus was made with sauteed mushrooms/onions, and was very tasty. There wasn't enough of it to feed me as well as giving tastes to everybody else, so I didn't take much. Even so, its container was wiped clean...

Mom liked the present, including the cool bag with a zipper that forestcats made for it. We had reasonably good interactions with the nieces and nephew, as well.

Once out of Mom's house, forestcats took us on an adventure, in which we travelled to The Cheese Shop of Silverlake, were shocked to see a Parking Enforcement officer ticketing on a Sunday, and realized that the parking for this shop was woefully inadequate. forestcats finally managed to stop nearby, and we were nearly overwhelmed by the delicious-looking, and -smelling, collection of cheeses. We purchased samples of five of them, and tasted more, and left, pleased.

Home for a bit, while forestcats napped, and then off to see the film of the weekend, Star Trek. I bought tickets online, fearing that there'd be difficulty getting into the show, though, in fact, there wasn't, and we went to the new theater in Chino Hills.

My thoughts? What a fine restart of the saga...

I don't want to spoiler it, but it does allow for a marked change in how the show plays out.

All the rumors that I'd heard left me irritated at how they hadn't done their homework. In the end, I realized that there'd just be a new direction.

I like the folks they chose for each position. I want them to already be starting the next film in the saga.

Can I say more?

We topped the evening off by watching the final episode of Dollhouse off the DVR. Although we haven't liked all the episodes, it's had some interesting SF views. I'd like to see more. I'm surprised, though, that they'd ever allowed it to run through; it's much more cerebral than I'd have thought that the network would be. Still, cerebral though it might be, I suspect that its selling point was the indentured servitude of a number of beautiful women, forced to play the parts of lovers or whatnot. We'll see if this gets renewed.

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