Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Last night was disturbed by lightning strikes and thunder. I awoke this morning for reasons that initially I couldn't recognize to find that the electric alarm clock on my side of the bed was flashing at me (i.e. we'd had a power outage about three hours earlier). Luckily, I had awoken a half hour early, but still.

A bit later, logged onto the computer, we had an outage of FIOS, something I've not previously experienced, so that sucked, kicking me offline. I threw up my hands in disgust, and left it for later (now, in other words).

Suddenly, thunder and lightning turned into rain, and I had to run out into it, because, for some reason, forestcats had piles up a number of books outside in the elements. I got them all inside, a bit moist, but not at all soaked, thank goodness.

Rain? Nice, but...

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