Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley


I've just finished a novel of WWII, written by Steven Pressfield, called Killing Rommel. It details the activities of an officer assigned to the British Long Range Desert Group, the lightly armed mobile forces that worked deep in the North African desert during the campaigns against the Afrika Korps. This book is very well-written and researched, and gives details about the life in the desert that I've rarely seen depicted. Nice work.

I finished the book while eating dinner. Earlier in the afternoon, I was working a bit on the greenery in the front yard, and picking up the living room a bit. I also got some dishes done. After dinner, I spent an hour or so in front of the Playstation 2, playing Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, starting all over again, since the last time I played it was last July...

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