Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley


A couple days back, I finished reading the new David Drake novel of the Leary series, called In the Stormy Red Sky. Nice characterizations, nice combat descriptions, nice read for a space opera. I like the series, in which Drake is emulating Patrick O'Brian's Napoleonic War sagas.

Last night, we spent the later part of the night with axelicious and timmy_ritz along with twenty other folks (many of whom are on LJ) at Tokyo Delves, a place which is ostensibly a sushi bar, but would be not unreasonably described as a pit of pandemonium. Between the music, the repeated "sake bombs" and the dancing, a good time was had by the birthday party. We then repaired to Casa Axelsen to watch a film made by Sterling to tease and delight timmy_ritz. Brilliant!

We were awoken, much earlier than we'd hoped for, by a team of fellows cutting down two of the trees in our forest out front. Their roots are doing naughty things to our front walkway, and might be affecting our foundation, so out they go. Took much longer than we'd hoped, so there was no attendance by us at services, nor did we join Angela for her daughter's second birthday. Bah.

I'm about to go try dragging forestcats back to a restaurant that we've just discovered, called The Boiler, where the cookery is done in pots that have steam running around a jacket surrounding the cooking area. The cuisine is basically Cajun; the food is delicious; I want to go back tonight, and maybe we will.

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