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Earlier today, I finished reading a book by James Morrow, called Only Begotten Daughter; it's about the Second Coming in a very different form than what might be expected. Good read.

I was out to the hospitals much earlier than is normal for me on a Sunday, since I had to get home by ten AM or so, so that we could attend my mother's younger brother's fiftieth anniversary party in Huntington Beach. It was easy for forestcats to find the place, as it was only a few blocks from Dog Beach, where she's often taken our pack. It was held at the Seacliff Country Club; the food was acceptable, and the company was very good. It was a pleasure seeing these relatives relaxing and enjoying the opportunity to have their friends and family all together.

Afterwards, we retired to their condo near Seal Beach. We unwound, and enjoyed the sea breezes.

Then it was back to the Inland Empire so that I could finish my rounds at two more hospitals. forestcats accompanied me; we do that occasionally, and I think it was appropriate today.

Dinner we ate near the last hospital stop at a Crabby Bob's; the food was pretty good, and we didn't have to stress about putting it out and cleaning up.

When we finally settled at home, brushette really let us have it; I suspect that she could smell that Cousin Steve's dog, Roxy, had been all over us...
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