Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Menagerie Antics

This morning, before leaving for work, but after brushette and forestcats left for their agility trial, I was involved in some curious behaviors on the part of several members of the household, pet variety.

First, when I stepped outside to feed corveys and the chinchilla, and after noticing the senior male cat, Ghost, wandering the backyard, I found Meatloaf, our eldest remaining feline, sitting in the tree there, bewailing her status. I figured she was hungry or thirsty, and so I retrieved her from the branch, brought her upstairs to the cat restaurant (otherwise known as the master bathroom), and was shocked when, once I placed her next to the feeding zone, she high-tailed it out of the room for parts unknown. Ingrate!

Then, to follow, I watched as corveys sat at the window next to the front door, gazing out forlornly, awaiting the return of his pack. I gather I don't count.

Next, while I was shaving, I heard the sound of a cat, leaping over the gate into the bathroom (the protection from doggie depredations on the cat food). I thought, at first, that it was Meatloaf returning, but instead it was our third and last, and youngest, cat, Drummer. Having Drummer comment on my shaving technique isn't all that unusual; however, he was disinterested in feeding or purring and meowing at me, this time. Instead, he had brought a toy with him. He had in his teeth a beheaded bird, that was a bit rank in odor, like it had been out in the heat for some hours...probably not days. What a wonderful toy! I quickly grabbed a nearby towel that we could do without, divested the great hunter of his prey, and made my way out the front door to the trash bin, abandoning the cadaver, towel and all. When I returned to shaving, I found Drummer wandering the bathroom, looking for his bird.

Finally, it's not all that unusual for us to see people wandering around the riding trails that pass behind our corral, and throughout the neighborhood. It's also not unusual for the folks to pet our equine associates. However, just before I left for work, this morning, I saw a family of three, back there, petting the donkey. The other three horses tried to get the petters attention, but they were rebuffed in preference to Booboo. She seemed very glad for the attention. I watched from the breezeway until they moved on, but it was very cute.

And the beat goes on...

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