Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley


Yesterday, I finished a book I've been puttering with for over a year, Raymond Feist's novel Wrath of a Mad God. I've been puttering with it because I was having trouble with the vast number of books/characters/dieties/planets/lands/details that his series of novels has generated over the years. I mean, I read his first novel when I was back in medical school, and I've been in practice, now, for more than two decades. Still, once I got through the initial balking at trying to recall all the interrelationships, I enjoyed the novel. But each time, Feist puts out a story in which the nation/continent/world/universe is threatened, and the formula is starting to set my teeth on edge.

Mind you, this is after reading more than twenty novels set in these locales...

Later in the day, we went over to Randy and Heddie's place in Echo Park for a BBQ, and to watch fireworks out their picture window on the second floor. Lots of explosions with lots of color.

I spent much of the day slowly removing furniture and other bits and pieces from froghugger's room, in preparation for removal of carpeting, some plumbing work through the wall at one side of the room, and the replacement of carpet...and soon, a new roommate.

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