Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Various news today.

forestcats took brushette to an agility trial for the last couple of days, and came home with some ribbons, which I will use to adorn my office at work, for a bit. She and both pups got out while it was still cool in the morning, and got some exercise walking, while I hid in a cool room in the house, later to age out on the Wii Fit at 28. When she arrived home, my spouse and I went out for a Sunday breakfast at Panera.

Back again, we removed some more of the furnishings from the front bedroom. The bed and its supporting structures were freecycled (they disappeared this afternoon). A shelving unit made its way into the garage, where I expect it to be useful, when I have a chance to load it up. We still have a chest of drawers to move into the back bedroom, until we find out if Beth wants to use it, and we have the main structure of a wooden bookcase to remove. I'm thinking that it might end up offered to friends or freecycle as well, but that remains to be seen.

Late afternoon found us in LA's Chinatown, to meet my mother, her brother and sister, my sister the artist, and my uncle's spouse and daughter for dinner together, mostly because Mom's elder sister comes to town rarely from the Twin Cities, and we wanted to spend a bit more time with her. (That would be Sheila, Joe, Deedee, Laurel, Barbara, and Arlynne, for those keeping score). The food wasn't much, as far as quality; in fact, any P. F. Chang's would serve far better. The company was pretty good, especially in that we were there primarily to fete my Auntie, and that seemed reasonably successful. There was smartaleck conversation, which is Aunt Deedee's forte; it was obvious that she gets it from her mother, my Grandy, and you can see it in Uncle Joe, and in Deedee's boys as well as in me. I suspect it can also be found in my nephew, and I expect it to flower when he gets out to college. Laurel tried to make the dinner into a birthday celebration for me, but it's not happening for several days yet, and I put my foot down on the subject. However, she passed onto me her birthday gift: diet root beer. Let me say first of all, that I wasn't expecting any gifting. In fact, Laurel has been outvoted, in that my youngest sister and I have agreed that there will be no more gifting amongst us; Laurel just ignores this. Let me say that I will not look a gift horse in the mouth. I will find a silver lining. However, I do NOT drink diet soft drinks. Ever. If faced with a plethora of such on a table, with no options of high test, I will drink water instead. So, I plan on sharing these sodas with my staff at work, because most of them never drink sodas that are caloric. Then, Mom gave me her gift, as well. Paper towels. They will get used.

Home tonight, we've gotten word that forestcats mother has had a new site of metastasis identified. It's sad; it's not pleasant. Hopefully, she'll be kept pain-free through the hospice team, but it's very sad. With this upcoming week being the second anniversary of my father's death, and with my beloved's mother so ill, it's very hard to be celebratory with respect to my own natal anniversary. I mostly expect to recall it by only calling my mother to thank her for having me. I'm just not in the mood for more. Maybe, I'll also visit Dad's grave. We'll see.
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