Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

About a year ago (on the first of July, 2008), the state of California made it necessary to use only handsfree devices while using a motor vehicle. Prior to this law being in effect, it was a running joke that almost everyone driving was also talking on their cell phones, holding them up with one hand. For those folks who were also eating, changing their makeup, fiddling with the radio dial, etc, it became a real circus.

Since the law coming into effect, I've been watching the cars around me for evidence of old-style cell usage.

Total count for the one year period was 29. I'm fairly certain that prior to the law going into effect, I'd see that many and more in an hour, let alone a year.

I hope that the accumulated data show a commensurate decrease in automotive accidents; it would be a pity if they put it into effect to simply allow themselves to gather more income for tickets, wouldn't it?

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