Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

After getting home from hospital rounds, yesterday, I didn't really get all that much done. A little laundry hung up; cleared out a couple of things off the DVR; nice meal with ground beef. But as forestcats went to bed, I finally sat down to try my hand at the overwhelming job of my stamp collection. First time that I've really worked on it since we moved into the house. It's especially frightening since my mother gave me her collection three years or so ago. I've just scratched the surface on the work it needs, but the good thing is that I've got a dedicated workplace with very good lighting that I can use. I'm going to try to devote fifteen or twenty minutes daily to see how it goes. There really is an enormous amount of work that's piled up over the years, so I see no endpoint in the near future.

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