Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Let's see.

Yesterday, we successfully completed the task of scattering ashes of my MIL and several of her pets in the backyard of her father's place. Not a pleasant task.

We went back to the motel, and cleaned up. Exiting the motel later that evening, we saw bats flying about. How Fear and Loathing...

To get our minds off the event, I took forestcats to Mesa Grill at Caesar's Palace, a restaurant by chef Bobby Flay. I don't like the personality he shows on Food Network, but the food was exquisite, with marvelous sauces. Of our six dishes (two each of appetizer, entree, and dessert), five were spectacular, and one was good. Wow.

We followed that up by going out at midnight with my FIL to his favorite bar. Yes, he actually invited us to do so. Weird. As long as we were playing video poker or whatnot, we got free drinks, and so I tasted a couple of rums that the bartender had on hand that I'd never tried, one of which has been behind the bar for years and never opened. It was pleasant, but not actually all that much fun.

We stopped at the FIL's place Sunday morning to pick up a couple of papers that we'd forgotten, and then found a patch cord to run my iPod through the car's stereo system. We found that the podcasts that I'd collected for many months from the Culinary Podcast Network were actually pretty interesting to play on the drive. Then, a stop at the outlet mall in Barstow where we found some kitchen gear that we needed, and continued to head home.

Back at the house, we were shocked to see that our roommate had done yeoman's ("yeowoman's?") work on the breezeway and the backyard. It looks fantastic, and much more functional. Bravo!

Now, we're off to have dinner with some friends and their kids who we've had in the past for Thanksgiving and for Carnivore's Feast, so I must be off. More later.

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