Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Yesterday was and wasn't a lazy day. I didn't go out to the Valley to see an agility trial, and into town to see Randy and Hettie's play. I did, however, spend the day with lots of little jobs. I laundered all the towels, and some of the other pending laundry; I spent some time on the computer, making the list of bookmarks more usable; I did some work on the stamp collection, clearing stamps from my mother's albums, and soaking the paper off of others; I moved some items into the garage that belonged there. Then there was time on the Wii Fit. Ate three meals. Didn't bother shaving. Stuff like that.

Today'll be more of the same. I do figure on getting out of the house, because I have to go to Loew's to buy No Pest Strips; we're inundated with moths. I'm going to have to do some "dry cleaning", as the pile is too large, now. More stamp work. Maybe some more computer work. We'll see.
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