Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I forgot to mention, this morning, that I'd spent some time yesterday, watching the second disc of season one of Connections, and enjoying it. The specific episode that I'd been dismayed to miss was on this disc, thereby settling a thirty-year-old hankering to find the episode. Wonderful! I'd still recommend the series, though there's lots of it that's out of date, it isn't all so, by any means.

Today, I got out of the house, searching for the means to combat an infestation of moths. I started out at Loew's, to purchase No Pest Strips for the kitchen and the master bathroom. I then went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to buy some various utensils, and a number of cedar pieces, some for hanging, some for placing here and there, and the little cedar balls for all of our drawers. Following that, I stopped at BevMo for some soft drinks. I had yet to find mothballs, oddly enough. I tried Walgreen's next, and found some sundries, and the mothballs. Finally, I stopped at Target, and got some more sundries, as well as some Wii-related materials, including software.

Home, I got all the various items put away, but the mothballs were not recommended to be left laying about where pets could get at them, and so I didn't deploy them anywhere but in Fibber McGee's closet, downstairs. We'll see if we need to modify this plan. Still, the number of moths in the master bathroom has diminished significantly with the deployment of the No Pest Strip; the kitchen has more moths, but less flies, and so I have to wonder if they are trying to escape the house prior to their demise. We shall see.

As I did the laundry, I watched another disc of season three of ST:DS9; better episodes than I'd seen up to that point, with some evidence of some real character changes. Nice.

Both discs back to Netflix tomorrow.

forestcats is going to be back tomorrow; here's hoping her mission is accomplished without difficulties.

I've been emailed my weekend schedule for the upcoming year, into next August. I have to sit down with it and my spouse to confirm if we have any problems with it. It'll go into effect later this upcoming week.

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