Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Thursday, we drove from home to Tempe, AZ, and noticed a museum devoted to Patton, way out in the desert (maybe we'll visit on the way home). We ran into other SoCal folks at a Popeye's in Blythe who were on their way to the First North American DiscWorld Convention; it was easy to tell because the gentleman was wearing a Wicked Tinkers T-shirt. Once we settled into our room, we walked half a block to get sushi at RA sushi. Good, but the environment was too noisy. After we got back to the room, it rained. In Arizona???

Yesterday, the convention opened, and we were there when Sir Terry Pratchett was marched into the Opening Ceremonies, under a canopy of an inflated sea turtle. He gave a funny speech, and we then wandered about. I got lots of comments on wearing a Twoflower costume, with a Hawaiian shirt made by forestcats with a pattern of sea turtles. Natalie and Callista arrived in the late afternoon, and they immediately changed into their new costumes, supplied by my favorite seamstress. Later, we all ate at an Irish place, a short walk from the hotel; before the evening's festivities, we ran into Sir Terry, who asked our group to help him with his bowtie, and Natalie had to unbutton him to set it all aright.

Right now, we're having a heavy rain; I have to get into Wizard's garb. Hurry, hurry, hurry.
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