Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Good day of work; plenty of folks to see in the office and hospitals, and then when I got home, there were steaks to cook on the grill. forestcats' rub on the steaks always makes cooking them a pleasure, because the smoke from the fire smells delicious. We sat down to salad, rice, shrimp with sauce, steak...and the leftover rice went into a rice pudding that the ladies attacked with aplomb.

We followed our constitutional with the last of the season one Dollhouse discs from Netflix, upon which we found the original pilot, which might have explained things better, but I think gave away too much, and was better kept for the collection, as it was, and we also watched the non-televised last episode, which weirded us all out. Very strange and dark. I wonder where season two is going to go, now?
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