Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Busy day.

After getting up and doing several things around the house, we all went out to Farmer Boys for breakfast of a sort.

Then it was off to Kinko's to make some cardboard stock items for Dungeonmaster from files we had on the computer.

Then we caravanned into LA to take z23zowie to the Garment District and Santee Alley. We split up after that, and at first forestcats and I cooled off with some frozen yoghurt, but then we went to my mother's place to see how she's doing. She's obviously in pain, and tired out quickly, but we finally saw how she'd had the pool repaired. Then, I had to deal with a visit from the 90-year-old wolf who's trying to prowl around her. Hmm... He dropped by, and told stories about flying model airplanes with Harry S Truman before he became a Senator, and later VP and President. z23zowie caught up with us there, and then we were off to have dinner at Tropicalia in the Los Feliz District, which was delicious. Then, I was dropped off at Dungeonmaster, while the ladies got some foodstuffs for the post-show party.

It turns out that because of the changes made in the venue, kar3ning couldn't act as "God" for the show, though she'd still be running the lights from her booth. They asked me to do it, from a little window on the opposite side from kar3ning, which I agreed to do. It was fun, and although I am being second-guessed by axelicious, I think that for the most part, I did OK. The window is too small for me to be able to see everything that goes on all the time. *Sigh*. This is going to be the conformation of the theater for our whole run, and I'm going to be tapped to play "God" for all the shows, but I have to refuse for the shows where we aren't there, or where I'm on call. Can't manage everything and take pages at the same time.

The wine/cheese/takedown was fun, and it seemed like the crowd (of reasonable size, with a number of new folk) enjoyed the show. Fatigue from all we'd done kept us from hanging around too long. And now, to bed.
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