Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

You know, technology is a wonderful thing, when it's done right. It can be bloody irritating when it's done wrong, or at least in a slipshod fashion.


In early June, forestcats asked me to get her a book from the library. No problem. I logged onto the website for the San Bernardino County Library System. They list all the books they have, as well as Riverside County, and the Moreno Valley systems. It turned out that there was just the one copy available in all of these libraries, in Riverside County. After putting a hold on it, I saw that we were #2 on the waiting list. Not bad.

Now for the bad. After about three weeks, we moved up to #1 on the waiting list, which didn't seem unreasonable. Then, week after week of me daily checking to see if the book had arrived at our local library for pickup. No, no, and no. I even sent them a query, a couple of weeks ago, to see what was happening, and never got a response. Nice.

Finally, today, I dropped into our local library, as I managed to finish my day's work early enough. The librarian behind the counter checked on the book's status, saying a few disparaging things about Riverside County, and they're response to requests. She then checked to see if any libraries in other areas had since received the book, just in case. You know what? The very library had a copy, which they'd purchased in late July, several weeks after I had put on the hold. The system didn't have the capability of recognizing the same titles as the same book, and shifting it to me. It could only send me the specific book that I'd put the hold on, which must be lost, or misfiled, considering how long we've been waiting, and Riverside only lets their books out for two weeks. In any case, it's a WIN, for making the effort, but a LOSE for stupid programming...
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