Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

The 31st

Awoke at 3AM, out of the house by 4AM, in the plane, taking off by 6. Doze through to Denver, then found a book at the airport, And Another Thing, which, so far, isn't nearly as good as Douglas Adams. Flew from there to New Orleans. Got into town, settled into the hotel, wandered the French Quarter in something easily packed, but vaguely costumey. For me, a hat that forestcats made me, for her, a mask we got at Ren Faire. She'll post photos later of some of what we saw on the streets; it was pretty much as wild and wooly as we'd figured. We ate a very late breakfast, or a late lunch, or a very early dinner at Dick Brennan's Palace Cafe on Canal Street, and it was very good. (I had fish with an andouille (sp?) crust...yum. My appetizer was also excellent, but the desserts were disappointing. The drinks I had were spectacular, and led to the next scene.) After walking a bit more in the French Quarter, we made it back into the room, where we intended to rest a bit, and then go back out into the revelry, but instead, we collapsed, and woke again more than twelve hours later. Oh, well.
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