Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

The 1st

We woke to a ridiculously cold room; the heat wasn't working, in fact it was spewing out cold air, and the room, set for 74, was actually 54 degrees. Ouch!

We were out of the hotel before I realized that we hadn't reset the clocks, so we were in the Quarter before any reasonable person would be awake; therefore, getting breakfast was a breeze. I might have kept in the room longer, but forestcats had seen something that told her that there was no Internet in the rooms, so I figured on grabbing a computer at the medical convention, and logging on there. That's what happened, but it turns out that she was mistaken, and I've been able to connect without difficulty in the room. We found that out much later.

At the convention, we connected with Gail, a friend from Kentucky, and another doctor from my area ran into us as well. We're all going out to NOLA on Monday night, so I'll discuss that later. We wandered the convention hall in the area devoted to displays from pharmaceutical firms as well as other purveyors of gear, software, books, or technologies that can help physicians and patients. In the past, this room would be stacked high with items to promote their products that had no relation to the product, such as pens with an antibiotic's name on them, or notepads. This is all now illegal, so there's not nearly so much stuff to be lugged back to the hotel (oh, ours is in the French Quarter, instead of being by the Convention Center. More exercise for us, which is good, considering the calories that we're ingesting at these restaurants.) I went completely through the display area, and then we headed back towards the hotel, stopping first at a clothing store with a shirt that forestcats liked; then a used book store, and finally, we stopped at the Green Goddess. Note that we didn't have lunch, luckily enough. At the Green Goddess, we had three entrees, three desserts, and I had three different ciders (one pear, two apple) and a honey liquor that tasted of anisette that was spectacular. The food was delicious. The chef blogs here as chefcdb; when he talked in his blog about the ciders that they'd acquired, I knew I had to go. Oh, boy, was it grand! And that liquor to finish off was wonderful!

We left our gained items at the hotel, and then wandered Bourbon Street. I was thirsty, and got a water; my beloved, something stronger. We were paced twice by gangs of toughs who were scoping us out for a roust, but we evaded them by popping into shops or bars on the way, so, no problem. I think we'll go back on another evening, and check out the Preservation Hall to hear some Dixieland Jazz.

And then back to the room to the computer.

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