Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Comics, this week:

Fables #90 - I like where they're going with this.

DMZ #47 - Pretty good, but it's a little obtuse. I hope this book isn't going downhill.

Gravel #15 - Another one that looks like it's going to be more interesting in upcoming releases. Also, there's been talk on the Internet that a motion picture company has picked up rights to this book to make a movie of it. Curious.

The Unwritten #7 - Again, pretty good, and it's pulling me along to look forward to the next release. I wonder when the main character is going to stop ignoring clues?

Supergod #1 - Warren Ellis must be a madman; I could never have thought of this theme. The world is destroyed, more or less, and one man is detailing how, because the nations of the world released upon it genetically engineered gods. Oh, my.
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