Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

The Orphan's Thanksgiving was held, once again, yesterday in our home, and nineteen folk sat down to table. Loads of LiveJournal members were present. Food was had in great quantity; over ten bottles of wine, as well as some Magner's cider was had. Fiddling with some of the Wii Fit Plus games ensued. It was fun, and exhausting.

I finally got through the last episodes of The Prisoner, and I was not the least satisfied. That's all I'm going to be able to say about that.

I picked up a comic book, recently, that I thought might be interesting: Jericho. However, rather than starting the story from the TV show's beginning, it starts from the end of season two. No, not for me. I dropped it.

This morning, I've been slowly working my way into the cleanup activities. forestcats has been out to the Black Friday fun, and come back with some items we've been needing, and others that were interesting.

More cleanup to come...

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