Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

After a morning/early afternoon of doing some business/financial stuff with forestcats, we headed down to Long Beach Memorial Hospital to visit my uncle (Mom's younger brother), who's been ill (I won't break HIPPA confidentiality, even if he's not my patient). Saw cousins, aunt, etc., there, as well, but we left after a short time. They charge visitors for parking there...suck...

Since we were on that side of the globe, we warned, and dropped in on maedb and jamiethered, who were hosting an RPG event at their place. A number of the players are also friends of this blog, and excuse me for not listing you all. We had a nice chat, but their characters had wyverns to slay, so we said "Adieu!".

Hungry at this point, we stopped at a strip mall a couple of blocks from their place, which had an Indian restaurant (nobody seated at table at all!), Korean BBQ, Japanese cuisine, and a Chinese restaurant in which many patrons could be seen, but all were Asian. Hmm, I take that as a good sign; with good reason, the food was quite tasty. Oh, and NO, I don't remember the name of the place. Maybe maedb knows it...

En route home, we stopped at the Chino Hills Best Buy to look at flat screen TVs, and to get educated. Our main TV is failing, in a big, nasty way, and we're going to have to replace it after some sixteen years of use or so. Sad, but there it is. It looks like we'll have major furniture shifting to do, as well as pulling out and rebuilding the stereo system, because the furnishings presently in the den aren't designed for flat screens. Oh, boy.

Then home, home, home. Yummy dessert liqueur from the Yucatan to settle me down for the evening.

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