Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

It irritates me to no end that the local Borders and Barnes & Noble doesn't carry Mike Resnick's books; I'm sure that they have their reasons, but if they're going to service their customer, then they should be ordering this. It just shows the stupidity of having some regional district manager ordering, instead of someone at the store, who speaks to people everyday about what they like, and why.

Anyway, that rant out of the way, I finished reading Mike Resnick's new novel, Starship: Flagship, set in his Birthright universe. It held together nicely, and was a quick, fun read, as were the several prior books in this particular series. Very readable.

Odd thing: Amazon says that the book is supposed to be released on 12/22. I used a gift card I'd gotten to order from them, and the book showed up in just a couple of days. Mistake? Well, I enjoyed it, in any case.

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