Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Strange day.

Before leaving for work, I decided to give up on reading a book by Garrison Allen, called Movie Cat. It's part of a series of murder mysteries set in a small Arizona town, and they seem to revolve around a mystery bookstore, and the store cat seems to get involved. My interest started because the cat's name was Mycroft, and his description wasn't all that far away from that of our old cat, the Gray Mouser, may he rest in peace. Now, with Mouser in his grave, it just doesn't have the verve to keep my interest.

Then, I read Fables #91, with interesting results. New politics, to boot.

Finally, I read a short story that I downloaded online from by Charles Stross, set in his Laundry universe, called Overtime. Nice Christmas/Cthulhu crossover...
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