Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Last night was our first foray into the odd building in Hollywood known as The Magic Castle. ( It's a private club of and for magicians, and you have to have an invitation from a member to be able to enter. 21 and over; proper attire required (when we arrived, a lady in a pants suit was instructed to put on a jacket...) Entry fee allows you access to a variety of rooms where accomplished prestidigitators, illusionists and ventriloquists carry out their skills. There's bars secreted all over the place, and practically speaking, at each one there's someone who will be willing to show off with close-up tricks. We took in four shows, two while seated in the front row, and these people were skillful, indeed. While wandering about, some fellow pulled me aside, and shook my hand, because I looked just like his son. The building was very crowded; the rooms devoted to the restaurant were tight; the food was fair. Every major room for the shows had waitresses present to fill drink orders. Wow.

I would say that it was worth going to see, after having had a distant cousin who was a member and who would always do a card trick or two when he'd visit; I always wondered what the place was like. The very first time I'd ever even seen what the inside of the place was like was on an episode of Top Chef in the last year. We actually got another invitation from a magician who played at Dungeonmaster as an opening act, so if we go again, I think it will have to be on a week night, so that it isn't so crowded (or so I hope), though I'd probably have to get off work VERY early to get there. We'll see...
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